April 2023

Students at Brooklands Innovation Academy

Spotlight on: Partnerships

Results from April 2023 Panel Research In April, over 200 panel members completed the UK Heritage Pulse survey on the theme of organisational partnerships. The short survey focused on organisational partnerships and asked respondents their attitudes towards the sharing of information, resources, staffing and volunteers across the sector. Thank you to all of those who responded.… | Continue reading: Spotlight on: Partnerships

Case Study: Partnerships

Brooklands Museum and Brooklands Innovation Academy  Tamalie Newbery, CEO of Brooklands Museum, is very clear about how much can be achieved through meaningful partnership between organisations with shared values.   Following April’s UK Heritage Pulse survey on partnerships, we spoke to Tamalie about the Brooklands Innovation Academy. The Academy is a partnership project between Brooklands Museum,… | Continue reading: Case Study: Partnerships