Instant Pulse – cost of living crisis

In the third week of Instant Pulse, we asked the sector the following question:

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
“The cost of living crisis is having a severe impact on our visitor numbers and/or our operations.”

How did you respond?

A graph showing:

16% - Disagree
33% - Neutral
51% - Agree
Results: Instant Pulse Week 3

What else did you tell us?

“The impact has not fully kicked in yet but in 6-12 months time we are likely to see more dramatic impacts.”

“Visitors canโ€™t afford entrance fees or petrol to travel to sites and museums.”

“Do agree that people are much more mindful of how and where they spend their money. However so much is now available for free – this needs to be celebrated and people need to be made aware.”

“Some people can no longer afford to travel as often as they used to due to the rising cost of fuel and other household bills. Our operations are suffering more and more due to low wages against inflation and rising cost of living. Essentially some staff can no longer afford to work.”

“It’s difficult to disentangle the cost of living with covid hangover for the concerned and the busyness of the post-covid bounce.”

“We are seeing a significant rise in our costs, but have yet to see an impact either on visitor numbers or spending – if anything spending is increasing.”

“I don’t think it is biting yet but it certainly will in the near future for paid attractions.”

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