Instant Pulse – price increases & impact

In the eighth week of Instant Pulse, we asked the sector the following question:

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
β€œThe on-going general increase in prices is having a severe impact on our organisation’s capacity to survive, deliver and achieve our mission.” 

How did you respond?

Results: Instant Pulse Week 8

What else did you tell us?

“We have been here 300 years, a financial blip will not stop us..”

For many organisations with active regeneration projects it is the specific increase in materials and contractor/labour costs (rather than general inflation) that are having the biggest impact.”

“It isn’t yet but if it carries on into the medium term it will do.”

“The ongoing decline in funding opps for arts/culture activities is having a severe impact on our capacity.

“There is a negative impact that reduces our ability to deliver programming but it does not threaten our survival at this point.”

“As a Charity we rely on visitor donations and we are noticing that people have progressively less to spend. Fundraising is also becoming more challenging..”

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